Sunday, February 28, 2010

reader question of the week #2

"I am throwing a 'birthday breakfast' party but don't know where to look for inspiration and ideas. Help! -Paula"


Unknown said...

I have some great brunch ideas posted:

Kim @
party inspiration

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Hi Paula! I'm not sure if you are looking for adult or kid party breakfast ideas, but I recently posted a precious breakfast party for little girls...

Dana said...

Oh, what a great idea! How 'bout the kids come in their pajamas? Decorate the table like a bed? Send home with boxes of cereal/donuts/milk! Have fun!

Christy said...

Sounds fun!
OK, I don't have any pictures of this party, but here is one idea (if this is for adults). You know how everyone has those 'candy bars' etc at parties? I did a yogurt bar once. I borrowed a bunch of martini glasses for the guest to use they also sell plastic martini glasses, or if it's for kids, how about cute, clear cups?). The guest scooped out yogurt (it was a baby shower, so it was strawberry flavored (she was having a girl)), and then they had all the 'fixins' like granola, chocolate chips, fruits etc to stir into their yogurt. It was a lot of fun.
If it's for kids you could also do an egg station where they make breakfast burritoes, again, provide all the fixin's for them to add to their burrito (maybe put the fixings in those tin pie pans, I just got some at the dollar store). I am in the process of planning a cowgirl shower, and I've started posting details if you need decoration ideas there...I'll be adding more as I

mrs. c said...

If this is for kids how about a pancake party and have a griddle when you prepare the pancakes with whatever they want on can work in fruits of all kinds, and then the yummy stuff like whipped cream, chocolate chips, nuts, you get the idea. I would use the book, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, as the basis for the party: cute pig invites, chefs hats and aprons for the kids. In the book the pig takes a bath because she gets sticky, how about bath fizzies for a take home gift!

Yolanda said...

Since it’s a birthday, I say these need to be on the menu: . A perfect replacement for cake. A huge stack of rainbow waffles would be equally appealing, especially if layered with whip cream, and either chocolate or berry sauce.

Some great ideas for handling the food prep for breakfast or brunch parties can be found here:

Check out her entire breakfast category for recipes, many of them prep-ahead. The last thing you want to be is a short order cook for a breakfast crowd.

leslie burket. said...

for my son's first birthday we had a big pancake and cupcake party.

my mom was on the griddle- flipping pancakes, and then we had a toppings bar for people to put what they wanted on top. berries, chocolate chips, nuts, syrup, peanut butter, nutella, whip cream, etc. etc.

we then had mini cupcakes (since it was morning and many were not interested in cake cake.)

some people came in pjs. the kids loved it. the parents loved it. it didnt interfere with nap schedules or any other plans most families have on saturday.

I plan on doing it again for my daughters first.

it was great for a party of many kids and many adults.

hope this helps!

beautiful things said...

I posted a birthday ladies brunch for my mother-in-law here:

I hope that help!