Monday, June 7, 2010

princess and the pea

Brilliant! I know you'll love this Princess and the Pea party as much as I do...from
the winding road.

ladybug loveliness

One color scheme that's tough to pull off any other time than Christmas: red + green. So I loved to see this fresh take on a 'ladybug' party without a hint of the holidays! The bright polka dots, the fresh green grass, and all of the graphic elements make for a stunning party. You'll want to swing over to WH Hostess for all the details!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

reader question of the week #2

"I was wondering if you or your readers have any ideas for a cow-themed rather than farm-themed birthday party for girls and boys? My daughter will be turning 2 and is obsessed with cows, so I wanted to incorporate them as much as possible into the the theme. Thanks! -Susanne"

reader question of the week #1

"My son, Oliver, is turning 2 on July 2nd. My little man LOVES sushi so we are throwing him a sushi themed second birthday party at a local Sushi restaurant. My question is what ideas do others have to make this party complete? What would you do for favors? Decor? Treat bags or favors? Invitations? Thank you! -Christine"

alice in wonderland

Verrrrry cute Alice in Wonderland-themed party. from sweet! cupcakes and treats

Thursday, June 3, 2010

shim + sons

Well, it has been a crapper of a day, so I need a little party awesome-ness to cheer me up! Just what the doctor ordered: the latest gem from Shim + Sons. Mom Sally took a tad of lizard, and lot of white, black and green to make a memorable party for her son's 7th. Her cute thought bubble (which reminded me of MikoDesign's talk bubble) was also a hit. View more of this clever party right here.

letter cake

I love how perfect this imperfect cake is. The oversized letters are splendid!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

wizard of oz

So many adorable ideas to steal from Claudia's Wizard of Oz party for her daughter's 5th birthday. I'm loving the red 'sequined' cookie shoes on the yellow brick road, and the rainbow assortment of jelly beans accompanying the scarecrow. Too cute!

preppy first birthday

Preppy Mama had me at the bunting-inspired cake and hand-sewn details for her son's 1st birthday. You'll want to check out all of the red + blue fabulousness (look at that 'balloon wreath'!) right here.

sidenote: I apologize for my spotty appearance on the blog the past couple of weeks- I've been knee-deep in a blog redesign that I simply can't wait to share! Hopefully we will be up and running on the new site by the beginning of next week.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

maryam in marrakesh

Any time I want to take a mental vacation I hop on over to My Marrakesh. Oh, how I'm loving this 'henna' party! So exotic, so lovely, so inspiring....

blue + red 2nd birthday

A punchy red and blue 2nd birthday for car-obsessed Jake. Mom Suzanne did a great job pulling together all of the details...even the jello is color-coordinated!

bollywood beauty

Thanks to Bird for sending over her Bollywood Bling extravaganza. For more of this colorful beauty, head over to birdcrafts.

precious in pink

A pinkalicious party for Zoe's first birthday from little sooti.

reader question of the week #2

"Our best friends are moving to Dubai for a new job opportunity with his company. We are hosting an outdoor going away party for them in July. Any inspiration for us?! Thank you! -Brooke"

reader question of the week #1

"My sweet 16 is going to be in december and I have to celebrate it with my twin brother (I am a girl) I was thinking maybe a candy theme? I need some color ideas (maybe blue,yellow and orange/lime?) and something that can be used for both a boy and girl! Help! -Paige"