Monday, August 31, 2009

outdoor movie night

As the summer season (and weather) comes to a close, an outdoor movie night seems so appealing. This beauty from Liz makes it look like a ton of fun, too! Liz gives great how-to's on how to set up the actual movie (a perk for the tech-challenged), as well as hostessing tips. So much more to see right here. 

homemade birthday celebration

Molly, a self-declared 'sewing nerd', made so many elements of the party decor for her husband's birthday party, there are too many too point out! My favorites are the napkin rings, invitations, and homemade pinanta. Very, very impressive. More from this talented lady right here!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

reader question of the week

Since we took a mid-week question, I'm only posting one reader question this week. Don't forget that our Layer Cake giveaway deadline is Monday at midnight! Get in your submission now.

reader question of the week:

"I was wondering if you had any ideas for an alien-themed party? On a family trip this summer we stopped in Roswell, New Mexico and visited the Alien Museum and other alien things there. Well... my soon to be 7 year old son now wants an alien party, any suggestions?  I am at a loss. Thank you, Kim"

animal lanterns

There's something charming about these paper animal lanterns from Pearl River. 

table love

I love the stripes, the scalloped ends, the colors, the single yellow bird in the 'tree' of this table...from here.  

Friday, August 28, 2009

waiting for inspiration

I spotted a link to Wovenplay on Simple Lovely today and it got me thinking once again about what I am going to do for G's Halloween costume. I feel the need to have something semi-homemade and totally creative, but nothing I've seen or thought of has either felt inspired or achievable. 

Since I'm most likely going to be in the hospital with my newborn second baby, I am going to be dependent upon my husband and his brothers to dress little G and take him around. Which means not only do I have to have something simple enough for them to execute and wearable enough for G not to take off - but it has to meet their approval. I have been given a hard time for not putting G in a 'manly' enough Halloween costume last year (he was the cutest little bee in the world- don't get me started on the absurdity of this conversation), so yet another factor to consider is the 'manliness' of the costume. If I weren't in the hospital I would probably dress him in a princess mermaid costume just to mess with them, but since I will be bed-bound, that isn't an option. 

I think I'm also making the costume a bigger deal then it needs to be, because I'm wrapping up all the emotions of having a second child in G's life, and wanting to make sure he still feels important. Lastly, I think it's the last year where I can dress him with little to no input from him. Oh vey. I'm considering sponsoring a contest to send your most creative Halloween costume ideas so I can copy one of you brilliant readers!

And speaking of contests- don't forget to enter the Layer Cake giveaway! The lucky reader will be announced next Tuesday.

oh, birthday presents...

'Tis the season of summer birthdays...and the same question for me always comes up: what do I buy a ____ year-old ____ (boy, girl)? And how much do I spend? The answer to this question varies wildly (obviously depending on age, gender), and the money question always leaves me stumped. For me, I think the standard birthday gift varies between $15-30, depending on who it is going to, the age, etcetera.

A friend recently relayed that her 2-year old had received a $50 gift certificate for her birthday from a non-family friend. She didn't seem at all phased. I think my internal jaw dropped, however - is that really what people are spending on presents these days? Even for a good friend's child, that seems excessive, no? What do you spend on presents? Any money-type of question is a personal one, I know, but I certainly hate to be the chintzy one! Do tell.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a last minute birthday

Gen tells us, "Oden's friend Bella came over to dinner on the night of her 4th birthday. I threw together a last minute 'cowgirl celebration' for after dinner." Love, it- of course!

pardon the interruption

When reader Jennifer asked if I could make an exception and post a question for an upcoming party she's having this weekend, I said yes, given the circumstances...I hope you'll be able to help!

"I am throwing a tea party fundraiser for 40 people next weekend. It is to benefit the family of a little boy who fell from a third story window and sustained a brain injury. For the finale of the tea, I will give each guest some sweet treats - french macarons and petits fours (all donated by the community!) and would like to put them in clear treat bags, but want a unique twist...any ideas of how I could make this more unique, special and fun? My colors for the tea are shades of coral and pink."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am SO excited to host Party Perfect's first giveaway, and I couldn't imagine a better sponsor for it. Drumroll, please...

If you eyeballed those baking cups and guessed Layer Cake Shop you were RIGHT! Layer Cake Shop is giving away a $20 gift card to our winner. That's like 300 super cute cupcake liners or 24 scalloped gift boxes or 10 bags of heart twist ties...oh the possibilities! I am already so jealous of the winner. 

What do you have to do to be the winning lucky duck? Tell us in the comments section what you would do with your 20 LCS bucks. We will announce the winner NEXT Tuesday, September 1st. You have until midnight on the 31st to of luck! 

Feel free to peruse all of the Layer Cake's eye candy right here in the meantime.


Very cute sheep cupcakes right here.

pretty in pink

Leigh Anne shared this fun surprise party for her 16 year-old daughter. Love all the pink!

(hint, hint)

Party Perfect will host its first giveaway ever- later today! You won't want to miss a chance at winning some goods...a little hint as to what's in store above.

Monday, August 24, 2009

gen says...(preparing for a red, white & blue party)

From Gen:

"Hooray for red, white, and blue!

This Summer, instead of taking one big vacation with the kids- we chose to break up our time into several great mini road trips. It was absolutely amazing to experience small town going back in time to a simpler life. For me there is nothing better than hot dogs and milk shakes at an old soda fountain and roadside thrifting!

I know that our "American Summer" has had a 
lasting impression on is far past 4th of July and I am still in love with red, white, and blue. I just can't seem to get enough of this patriotic color palette!

The theme hit me hard after our first weekend excursion and quickly inspired my husband, Benjamin's, 
Father's Day gifts.

As I prepare for Oden's 4th 
Birthday party next week- the red, white, and blue is in full force. We are looking forward to a birthday party that captures the feeling of small town america...of course with our own modern twist. Photos to come!"

(and remember, you can get Gen's super cute skirts right here).

lucha libre

Megan threw an adorable birthday party for her twin boys, using the movie 'Nacho Libre' as her inspiration. More fun photos here, here and here.

i heart this idea!!!

I am really, really smitten with this garland idea Tania shared with us. She created a t-shirt on zazzle, then sent the t-shirts to family and friends near and far, with the request to photograph themselves wearing it. She even sequestered far-flung family members in Italy, neighbors and pets! Then she backed all of the photos with fabric and strung them on a garland to surprise her husband on his birthday. This homemade present was huge hit!

This idea is so fabulous and I think could be used for so many occasions beyond a birthday...a friend stuck in the hospital? Someone going through a hard time? Such an amazing pick-me-up to let someone know they are loved. Bravo, Tania! Check out more of the 'I heart Steve project' right here.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

reader question of the week #2

reader question of the week #2:

"My twins - a boy and girl - will be having their 4th birthday end of September I don't know if it's time to panic or too early. My dilemma is what sort of theme can I do that will suit a boy and girl and also something easy to put together? I thought of 'Under-The-Sea' but still not 100% sure. Any ideas??? Thanks! -Arlyna"

reader question of the week #1

reader question of the week #1:

"I am planning a third birthday for my son in October. I am looking for gorgeous ideas for invites, favors and decor...everything seems to be Thomas the Tank engine themed and I desperately want some 'generic' train-themed ideas...Help! Thanks! -Jane"

Friday, August 21, 2009

wii ice cream cake

Wii icecream birthday cake right here...perfect for the little (or big?) gamer in your life!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

purple bunny, please

What do you do when your almost 9 year-old requests a 'purple bunny' party? You give it to her, of course. Lucky for Ella, her mom is super creative Aussie Tania McCartney. While most of us might seemed stumped for ideas with this thematic request, Tania took the idea and ran with it. This is only a smidge of the party...see much more right here.