Sunday, February 28, 2010

reader question of the week #1

reader question of the week:

"Help! I am just starting to plan my little boy's first birthday party and want to do the Beatles "One Album" as the inspiration. Both my husband and I love the Beatles and really the cover of the album is perfect for his special birthday shirt (I have already found it online!). Aside from red and yellow can you think of any other great decorations? Should I also do a secondary "yellow submarine" theme? I would love to have this day as special as possible so any great ideas would be super helpful! Thanks, Ashley"



I think it would be fun to somehow incorporate as many songs on the album as you can. The invite could say something like:

It's been a "Hard Day's Night" at times but we know that "We Can Work it Out" because "All You Need is Love"
So here's your "Ticket to Ride" to [child's name]'s birthday party to celebrate ONE.

(this is totally off the cuff, obviously in need of refinement - LOL!)

Then you can have a yellow submarine cake and incorporate some other songs into cute names for menu items, etc.

I think it would be soooo fun to have party hats with "Beatles" haircuts fashioned out of paper attached. How great would a picture of all the party guests wearing those make?

Meredith said...

LOVE the idea of a ticket to ride. VERY cute.
What about the Album covers as decorations?

You could also do a "Penny Lane" or "Abby Road" street sign as a decoration or a circus theme with "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite".

Yes to the Beatles hats and pictures! What about buying Beatles wigs for people to wear?

You could try and theme each food option from a song (and make cute name tags - "Blackbird" pie, "Come Together" sandwiches (using two different things), "Get Back"-yard burgers, "Glass Onion" dip, "Honey Pie" cupcakes . . . you get the point.

Good luck! What a cute idea.

PaperCourt said...

We just had a guitar themed party and I sewed a cute red and blue garland to match our theme and made a guitar cake. See pictures here....