Sunday, May 31, 2009

toothpick idea

I love these cute toothpicks from just the little things. For the how-to and more inspiration, click here.

p is for party

Fun ideas and inspiration at the 'P is for Party' blog. The candy favors in baby booties are a sweet idea for a baby shower.

i spy: birthday video trend?

For you video fans, check out this very sweet and moving short film, documenting Piper's first birthday (thanks to mom, Amanda, for passing along!). It seems a great way to mark this first birthday milestone. The film highlights special snapshots and moments of the day, set to music that rides on the emotions of the occasion. 

I feel like I am seeing more of these 'high-tech' videos, that are not just a running video of a child blowing out birthday candles, but a more thought-out compilation of the birthday. Some people even hire production companies to document such occasions. What do you think? 

I hate to admit it, but we don't even own a video camera. I do short little films with the video feature of my point and shoot, but have never considered it a priority to buy a video camera. Perhaps something I will regret down the road? I don't know. We have only looked at our wedding video once (we were married 6 years ago), so I don't know if I'm just not a video kind of gal. Then again, I love really well produced short films, like these super 8 films Chelsea wrote about last week. Or perhaps I'm just lazy. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with photo-documenting my son...I just started working on his first photo album- coming home from the hospital! Personally, I think a more high-tech digital camera is on my wish list before a video camera (hint,

reader question of the week

reader question of the week:

"Any ideas for a cast-signing party? I broke my wrist, and the only bright spot in this is the idea of throwing a party to decorate my cast! I've been looking around for bone or x-ray-themed snacks and games and such, but with little luck. Help! -Kate"

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Thursday, May 28, 2009


If you've got a little super hero in your life, you must check out Shim and Son's 6th birthday party- every detail of Jeremiah's 6th birthday is just plain awesome. For all the amazing details, check it out here, here, here, here and here.

frozen treats

It's that time of year when I start craving anything icy and yummy. I had my first cherry slurpee of the season yesterday and was so good. 

I've had these snowcones on my mind since last year...I just wish Fresher then Fresh was in the 'ville!

sweet daisy garland

I love this garland via Design mom. So sweet!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

weekend project

I love weekends when things actually get done! They are few and far between these days, it seems- since adding a little one to the house. 

I have long had 'create bulletin/inspiration board' on my project list. I had seen one in Martha Stewart Living a long time ago that put the fire in my belly. When we moved into our most recent house (almost two years ago!), I said I would make it a priority. Well...the time finally came. I have to say I am pleased as punch with the results, and they are everything I envisioned they would be. We installed one in my office so I would be able to put up portions of the HPG collection and miscellaneous inspiration, and another in our playroom so that we can hang children's artwork with ease.  

For those of you interested in this DIY weekend project, I suggest you look at Shiso Mama's thorough instructions. We loosely followed her guidelines and modified them for what would work best in our home. I feel I must warn you, however, that it is a Project, with a capital P. Getting the board, cutting it, finding the fabric, ironing and stretching it so that it doesn't pull, putting anchors in the wall so board can be supported...for us, it required getting a babysitter so that we could devote enough time to it. But as I said, I'm quite pleased!

popcorn cones

I love this idea from Martha Stewart. They suggest using a paper-wrapped aluminum foil box for display (so clever!)...for the full run-down, check it out here.

helpful websites for meal sign-ups

In the South (and probably elsewhere), when someone is sick, has lost someone, had a baby or any other number of 'occasions', a long line of friends show up with food at the front door. Often times the 'afflicted' person can be deluged with tons of food at the same time, or worse, go for long periods of time without having anyone bring anything. 

A friend recently passed along two websites that I thought were genius...both of them with the same basic idea. They were created to help facilitate meal sign-ups. It takes the burden off of one person having to organize meals, which is often what happens in these situations.

Casseroles and lasagnas tend to be a favorite- what do you like to make to take to friends? Or do you just pick something up from a store? Pictured above is a casserole from Real Simple's 'Easy Casserole Recipes'...lots of them look yummy.

meal sign-up websites (both are free services!):

reader question of the week

I am slowly bouncing back from the, (finally), is the

reader question of the week:

"Have you ever seen any stylish 'divorce' parties? It's not that I want to celebrate the divorce, but rather that I want to mark a new beginning in a stylish, creative, sophisticated way that might be suitable for adults and children. Part of the celebration will be a housewarming (in Winter), as I'm buying the house from my ex-husband. I need some inspiration and guidance about how this can be done in an uplifting and inspiring way, and not a tacky one. Hope you can help! Thanks! -Rachael"

I love this idea and hope our PP readers can help. To submit your query for reader question of the week, email me at hickspapergoods(at)yahoo(dot)com

Sunday, May 24, 2009

gen says...(a modern baby shower)

From Gen:

"I hosted a little baby shower for my dear friend Tarah last week. Tarah is about to have her second child- and she wants to keep the baby's gender a good ole' fashion surprise! So, without any dictated theme, I looked for inspiration that would pull my 'modern baby' shower concept together. I fell in love with one of Sara's invites- the dot stripe invitation had the simplicity, playfulness and upbeat color palette I was looking for. It also coordinated with some great make-up bags (I already had) that I wanted to give as party favors, so it felt meant to be.

Once the concept was determined, the rest seemed to fall into place...I just played off of the color palette of the invite and the idea of mixing assorted dots, stripes, and a few other favorite patterns to bring the party to life.

Of course not all things are planned...and in my last minute, day of the party rush, I decided to add a 'Hello' yellow bird card to the mix as a way of adding a little sweetness to the concept. Of course this unexpected addition, I think, is what pulls it all together, and gave a 'voice' to the party.

The food, I kept very simple and light, since I knew we would to save room for sweets! I made a lovely Canadian-Bacon Strata that was easy to prepare the night before. I paired it with a delicious spinach and lemon salad.

We finished the brunch with a little sugar...of course cupcakes, assorted donuts, and a sweet little mini cake topped with a candle and placed on my favorite green pedestal- which played perfectly off the dot theme! And yes, I couldn't resist matching the beverage choices to my color palette- I just adore the packaging of this Genesis beer.

It was a very sweet afternoon of relaxing with wonderful women...and a perfect way to celebrate such an amazing mom and friend!"

Thanks for sharing another wonderful occasion with us, Gen!

Friday, May 22, 2009

party by post

You are my fave author, Melanie, mailed this 'party' pinĂ¥ta (sans box!) to her nieces and nephews. It's an awesome idea, however, I've got so many questions. Did she just pop this in the mailbox? Or did her post office really let her mail the hat? If so, how did they affix postage? Isn't silly string considered an explosive of some kind since it is combustible? I can't imagine the guys at my P.O. allowing me to send this in the mail, but now I feel I should at least try. 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

shower perfect! (a baby shower for twins)

I'm in love with every single detail of this absolutely perfect shower. I plan on copying each idea in some way in the future! The flags in the rice krispies? Love it. The onesie cookie favors with personalized packaging? Can't get enough of it. The color palette? So sophisticated, yet baby appropriate.

You will not be surprised to know that the hosts are two very talented ladies- one, an art director and stylist for J. Crew, and the other a food stylist for Martha Stewart. I hope you are as inspired by this lovely shower as I am!

A description: 
"The shower was held at Elizabeth in the Nolita area of NYC. They have an amazing back garden with a retractable roof that was so perfect for our springtime luncheon. The food is great there, too! We made a "Double Trouble" garland out of mixed printed fabrics and had cute "Twice as Nice" napkins made. We put together a tonal-colored sweets table with french macaroons, homemade onesie cookies, M&M's, sour peaches, orange tic-tacs and a cake from Billy's Bakery (my fave in NYC). Ashley baked and iced the adorable onesie cookies and we packaged them in celo bags with "We heart Courtney" tags with our mixed prints coming through the hearts (look familiar?). We had two fabric-covered said, "Name the babies!" and the other said, "Wishes for the Baby Mama!"...with notecards and pens for the guests' messages. We color copied our printed fabrics (from the garland) onto paper and used them for our toothpick flags that went into the rice crispy treats. We enlarged baby pictures of the expecting Mom and Dad and scattered them throughout the tables. We decorated our vases with our mixed printed fabrics and ribbon."

I would imagine that momma-to-be felt showered with love. Thank you for sharing, guys! This is one of my all-time favorites.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

birthday week shoutout

Magchunk recently had a 'birthday week' with lots of fun posts. I was honored to be interviewed as part of her celebration week (along with other blogger fave, Chelsea of Frolic). For all of Maggie's fun finds and interviews, check out her blog!

where were you?

Oh- where were you, cute stamps, when I was recently sending out baby shower invitations? Or thank you notes? Or mother's day cards? Alas, I now have you in my possession...

I'm not loving the new cost of postage but I am sure loving these beauties. How long before you think we hit 50 cents?!

circus baby shower

I have to admit the circus gives me the creeps a bit. But I really love all the vintage-inspired circus parties that keep popping up (fun typography, great colors, etcetera), that seem to have a 'carnival' feel. I couldn't resist this cute one, particularly with an awesome last name to boot. More here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

reader question of the week

reader question of the week: 

"I have twin girls who will be one in a couple of weeks and I want to keep the party simple and not too stressful with just close family. But what can I do to make it unique? I like to be different or have unique modern things, as in decorations, food, etcetera. Do you have any awesome ideas for me?! Thanks! -Francis"

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

gen says...(a gift idea)

From Gen:

"Just wanted to pass along a children's birthday gift idea. I stocked up on these doctor's kits from Target at Christmas time- great because they are unisex and bonus: they don't need to be wrapped! It has been a major time saver to always have children's gifts on hand. Now, whenever Oden has a party, I'm ready! I just added a simple handmade card- it was a huge hit."

doctor's kits...from Target
card items...from Michaels (grosgrain ribbon, Martha Stewart multimedia pad and alphabet stickers)