Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HIcks Paper Goods GIVEAWAY #3 + DISCOUNT!

Our last giveaway is a doozy- a set of 50 Hicks photo cards (holiday or other) will go to the lucky winner!

With a $142 retail value and the option to upgrade the winner's order at half off, this is quite a prize. View the photo card collection right here.

You can either tell us about an item you'd like to see in the Hicks collection that doesn't currently exist, or tell us your favorite design in the comments section.

LASTLY- for those who simply just love a good discount, you won't want to pass up this deal Lemon Tree Paperie is offering to Party Perfect readers for a limited time. 15% off all Hicks Paper Goods orders (that's on anything and everything we offer- 1400 items!). Just enter HPG15 at checkout.

I'm now giddy with excitement about the giveaways *and* the baby! Best of luck...

Hicks Paper Goods GIVEAWAY #2

Two words for you...GIFT STICKERS! If you are a sticker person like me, this might just be your favorite giveaway of the three.

We're giving away a set of 30 Hicks Paper Goods personalized stickers (a $40 retail value) to one lucky reader. Get ready to adorn your holiday (or everyday) packaging! View the full sticker collection right here.

Just tell us what your favorite gift is to give or receive during the holidays!

Hicks Paper Goods GIVEAWAY #1

For the first giveaway, we're offering a personalized Hicks Paper Goods stationery set of 50 cards- either from our folded or flat collection. A retail value of $104!

View the full Hicks collection here... for the folded stationery collection click here, for the flat stationery collection click here.

Simply tell us what your favorite design is!


What better way to celebrate the impending arrival of our little bundle of joy with not one- not two- but THREE giveaways!

I was starting to feel guilty about abandoning you all for a bit while we head off for the hospital tomorrow, but now I just feel jealous that I can't win the giveaway myself. I just ordered these monkey invites for my son's 2nd birthday and officially now have the paper bug...I want more, more, more! Lucky for you, you CAN have more (and for free)!

Here are the rules:
-You can enter each giveaway only once.
-Enter a comment in the 'comments' section to qualify (please do *not* email me!)
-Make sure there is a way to contact you (either through reading the blog or leaving your email with your comment/ID)

I will announce the winner when I return to the blog world...hopefullythat is around a week... definitely no sooner then November 5th and no later then November 10th!.


gender reveal party

Brooke always makes sure that I see the latest and greatest in party ideas, and this 'gender party reveal' is no exception! I love the idea of having friends and family over to break the news. Such a great way to celebrate the impending arrival!

A couple of ideas to steal...guests were asked to dress in pink or blue to indicate their guess...a colored gumball hidden inside the cupcakes denoted the gender (everyone bit into their cupcakes at the same time). What fun!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Who can resist these super sweet ideas from Parisian Amelie? Reading her blog - or at least, attempting to - definitely puts my high school French to the test, but no translation is needed for many of these great DIY ideas (including the pattern adorned paper plates). Much more loveliness to check out here and here.

clever baby shower

Who can resist meatballs with cute pennants stuck in them? (Me, too). But you will find the rest of this pennant-themed shower irresistible, including the clever shower games Liz is offering up (for free!) on her blog.

witches' tea

I'm inspired to (one day) host a Witches' Tea after spotting this party over at Blonde.

quirky and loving it!

I love this quirky party tablescape- it's like a mad-hatter homegrown version of an Amy Atlas table.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

baby 'shower'

Cute baby 'shower' ideas from blogger Jessica- the umbrellas with paper raindrops and sugar cookie dotted wellies are my favs! More here.

eclectic party display

Fun, eclectic, party display from France's unetouchede.

reader question of the week #2

"I'm having 20 folks (moms, dads, and young pre-school kids) to my house this Friday. I'm struggling with a make-ahead menu. I'm very much about keeping it simple, but with something special and impressive. But this is my very first time having children (lots!) into the house. The main event will be carving pumpkins in our garage. I have prizes for all the kids and a couple for the adults as well. So that's the party. All I can think of in terms of food right now is a soft roll sandwich (turkey loin maybe, something moist and able to be thickly sliced) with cheese and condiment assortment, beenie weenies for kids and adults alike, maybe some chicken breast bites for the kids (so not gourmet!!), and an assortment of cookies and pumpkin cupcakes (homemade). But I have some major gaps in the adult food area. If you have any good make-ahead suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them!! -Mere (in VA)"

reader question of the week #1

"I am having my sweet 16 birthday party this December, with a 'shabby chic' theme. I am looking for ANY ideas your readers might have- from decorating, food, to activities. Thanks!! -Allie"


Cute offerings from Etsy's iluvsugar.

are you ready for some football?

If deviled eggs are at a party, I'm most likely to end up planting myself right in front of the platter. I love this take on the classic appetizer, just perfect for a football-themed get together!

wild things cake

So many of you have gone ga-ga for the Wild Things-themed parties I've featured in the past (see here and here), that I simply can't resist sharing this AWESOME cake that I think you WT fans will adore. From Coco Cakes (via Poppytalk).

more pumpkins

Still loving all things 'bird', and this pumpkin owl is no exception. Maybe I'll try it out next year...

Also love this mini pumpkin display that was created using thumbtacks! Very smart.


I'm in love with everything about this DIY bunting- the color palette is right up my alley. For directions and the full post, check out project wedding.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

pumpkin love

By far my favorite pumpkin of the moment- the McPumpkin.

gatsby party

The Small World party led me to this incredible Gatsby party- I couldn't let it escape your attention! I can't imagine how much time and energy was put into the planning, but the results seem to be well worth the effort. You won't want to miss the write-up right here.

it's a small world party

Yolanda was kind enough to give me a heads up on this Small World party- lots of cute details not to be missed!

Monday, October 19, 2009

reader question of the week

reader question of the week:

"I'm planning on throwing a baby shower for my best friend who is due at the end of December, so the shower will probably be in the beginning of December. I'm having a hard time coming up with any themes or colors that aren't Christmas colors, and aren't gender specific, but are still seasonally appropriate. Any ideas?! Thanks! -Adrian"

new fave

I'm loving the simple, bright, 'clean' posts from Australia's RosieCasie. Look at all of the fab details from Casie's 30th 'fiesta-themed' birthday! I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this chic lady.