Monday, November 23, 2009

reader question of the week #2

reader question of the week #2:

"I'm throwing a Sugar Plum Fairy Tea for my daughter's 5th birthday in December. For starters, I'm recreating a snow-like scene in the kids playroom (hanging lots of chiffon, paper snowflakes, etc.) but am stumped on accessorizing the table and floor (perhaps?). Also, I was thinking of having one simple activity before eating cake and little sandwiches. Thanks! -Lizelle"



For the table, buy packages of doilies at the grocery store and quickly stitch them together with white thread until you have enough to cover the table. Then you could use an underlay of a blue or silver tablecloth, even a paper one from the party store, and cover it with the doily covering. If short on time, you could even staple the doilies together.

For the floor, I'm picturing just tons of white balloons completely covering the floor. How much fun would that be to walk through and kick around!

A fun and easy activity: they could make sugar cube igloos.


Oops! I combined the two questions in my head. The blue and silver were from the ONEderland question. For the underlay here, I would do a plum color of course!

Liz said...

I would have them create a christmas ornament of some sort. I would definitely also have a kindgom of the sweets table!!!

zhazha said...

I love the doily idea! I have to suggest that the Nutcracker make an appearance though. Perhaps a small grouping of nutcrackers as a centerpiece.

Anonymous said...

Love the doilies stitched together. I've decided to have a picnic instead of renting a chidren's table but can incorporate it somehow. And, I've had a creative block on an activity before the tea and OF COURSE a tree ornament - perfect. I just received a huge roll of white gossamer & silver snowflakes to hang from ceiling. Any other suggestions? Thank you so much!