Sunday, November 29, 2009

reader question of the week #1

"I am throwing my two year old daughter a RockStar party in December - I would love any tips, suggestions, ideas. Thank you! -Amelia"


Amber said...

This is really simple, but I think the idea of using rocks and painting a star on them would be fun. They could be used in a variety of ways.

Bobbi said...

I hosted a "Rock Star" baby shower this summer. Check out my blog post for ideas.

You can make your daughter a iron-on Rock-n-Roll t-shirt for the party. I got my iron-ons at Joann Fabrics. And invites are fairly easy to make via photoshop these days! Of course, I'm sure evite has an awesome design you could use too. :)


I just did a rockstar birthday for a client, but don't have the official photos yet. I'd be happy to show you some of the design proofs if you like.

For invites, we did two-sided event tickets. Each party guest received a VIP backstage pass when they entered the party. The birthday girl's father and close male family/friends wore black t-shirts with SECURITY printed on the back. CD's of the birthday girls favorite music were packaged in cd tins with a label that matched the other party accessories. There were also coordinating water bottle labels with the phrase "Rock Stars need to stay hydrated."

Favors for the girls were pocket mirrors designed to match with "You Rock!" on them. Photos were taken of each guest at the party and thank yous are being done incorporating the pictures into a Rolling Stone-esque Magazine Cover on which the headline will be a thank you message.

I think that's it, there was a lot to this party. I may be missing something!

ALM Chandler said...

I love all these ideas!

ALM Chandler said...

Here is a sneak preview of the party - it was a huge success!

Thank you so much for the ideas and suggestions - and expecially for posting my question!!!