Sunday, November 29, 2009

reader question of the week #2

"My husband's birthday is the 26th of December. He never has had birthday parties because it was always the day after christmas (save for when he was a wee child). I want to throw him a surprise / early birthday party. It will probably only be a total of 10 possibly 12 people. I am thinking of doing a dinner - or maybe just a spread of apps and small finger foods? I don't really have a theme either. I don't want it to be too christmas-y? I could do a winter theme, with silver, just no red/green combo. Any ideas? Thanks! -Lindsay"


Amber said...

There was a post somewhere a while back. They had a t-shirt printed that said 'I love _ _ _ _' and it was sent to everyone in his life, then a photo was taken, and these were hung as a garland. I really loved this idea. You don't have to do a shirt if time is and issue. You could have people take a fun photo holding a big heart that they make or something.


My husband's birthday is Christmas Eve, so I feel your pain!

I think it would be fun to avoid the winter theme all together and just make it all about him. If his birthday is usually anything like my husband's birthday, because of the date, it's NEVER just all about him.

You could use his first initial as a logo of sorts for the party and do a favorite things type theme.

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

This is a bit of a Christmas theme, but definitely not traditional. You could host a "Feliz Navidad" party and cater from a great Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurant. A mariachi band would provide great ambiance and tres leche would be the perfect dessert!