Monday, November 23, 2009

gram's party: favors

As I've said before, this year we decided not to have my son's birthday party at home. With a 3-week old in the house, I thought it would be too overwhelming. However, I didn't want to use that as an excuse to not create anything special for his big day, so I decided to put together a few key items that could be transported to the party site (a kid's gym).

Using the invitation color palette as a springboard, I created favors that reflected the loose theme of the party... 'playing.' The favor bags contained items that Gram loves to play with- Play Doh, a whistle, and a ball (all in the color palette, of course!).

I was appalled at the price of shred fill ($3+ for a small bag of crinkled colored paper!), so I decided to create my own, using scraps of leftover wrapping paper and my shredder (photos 3 & 4). A much cheaper (and more chic, I think) alternative. Then I created a 'cuff' for some store-bought gift bags that folded over the top. If you are not computer savvy, some pretty scrapbooking paper would look great as well. I used a bone folder to get a crisp fold, and a mini stapler to put the cuff in place.

Lastly, I inserted a thank you card into each bag that was designed to look like it was on school ruled paper- again, an element that fit in with the color palette of red, white and turquoise blue.

red gift bags...michaels
classic colors play doh...hasbro
invitations...hicks paper goods gym


Our Green Nest said...

Yes I much prefer your recycled crinkle paper! Very cute. Hope your finger is doing better!

Tania McCartney said...

Beautiful, Sara! You've inspired me. Can't wait to see the full blown affair.

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

It's just perfect! I love the numbers on the bags. The kids gym is a great idea for all the kids to run around! I put together a girls Aqua and Red party as well. Stop by if you get a chance;o)


Picasso Perfect Photography said...

I love the idea of using wrapping paper for paper shred. That is a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing that idea!!!

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