Sunday, August 2, 2009

weekend randomness: felt

I try to stay on subject most of the time (parties, that is), but occasionally I get tempted to veer off in another direction. So I've decided to introduce occasional 'weekend randomness', when I can share non-party items that I just adore.

My mom spotted some gorgeous items from HUT UP, in a felt exhibition at Cooper Hewitt. When she traveled to Berlin, she sought out the HUT UP shop and took these snaps of some of their amazing wares. I couldn't resist sharing! The pigs might be my favorite.


Kellie H said...

interesting felt pieces. The piggies are cute

addicited to your blog now...must bookmark it. I am glad I found it as I needed inspiration for my lil girl's butterfly flower garden party this month.

Jane said...

makie had some of the hut up dresses for sale earlier this year. not sure if they still do ....

the shop is lovely. those ducks!