Thursday, July 30, 2009

gen says...favorite launch party

Where or where, has our dear Gen been? Busy at work it seems, getting ready to re-launch the favorite brand of skirts. (For those of you unfamiliar with the short-lived, but very loved store, favorite- click here).

I attended Gen's launch party at her uber-stylish home last week, and was so impressed. I parked myself in the kitchen next to the cupcakes and watched as a parade of stylish women came in, tried on, and left with bags of skirts. I must admit, since I couldn't partake in the fun buying process (a 6 1/2 months pregnant woman doesn't belong in these super cute skirts), I comforted myself with no less then 3 cupcakes. Hey! No judgment please...I hadn't had dinner and I couldn't drink the champagne, either. I can't wait to see what Gen has in store for the future. I'm so happy it is back! 

More from Gen herself...

"favorite returns!

So many of you have told me how much you loved our Nashville store, favorite (and especially our line of skirts), so I am excited to share the news that favorite skirts have returned. We celebrated our relaunch last week with our first ever 'favorite skirt party'.

I am thrilled to say it was a huge success...we sold nearly all the inventory at the very first party. favorite is composed of simple, easy-to-wear styles in an assortment of great patterns. In addition to skirts I will continue to expand the line to include dresses, sweaters, and totes for fall. 

In the meantime, I've set up an Etsy store with our remaining inventory (at $38 a pop, they are hard to resist!). I've also included the favorite brand cosmetic bags, which friends have gone ga-ga over, and will continue to update my Etsy store as new pieces arrive. If you want to stay updated on all the favorite goings-on, friend us on facebook!"

favorite style ... etsy shop
favorite facebook fan page ... join here for updates
to host a favorite party in your gen at


Chelsea said...

Too cute!! I The red gingham skirt is adorable. Love their home too! So much great pattern and color.

Joslyn said...

adorable...and her house is so insanely cool, it's killing me!

Anonymous said...

beautiful skirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and very cool house.

fric and frac said...

Such cute skirts! I love seeing pictures of her house! The front door is adorable!