Monday, September 22, 2008

out and about with Allison: a baby shower (x 2)

From Allison:

Photos 1-5: a driveway supper / couple's baby shower
Photos 6-12: a tea baby shower

"I just celebrated a dear friend's pregnancy with two brilliant showers. The first: a driveway supper shower, complete with a night sky full of stars. It was a couple's shower for Courtney Rowson and her husband, Carter. The event was held at Amy Pastre's home, the momma-to-be's business partner at Sideshow Press. The soiree was thrown by Sandy Lang (a writer) and her beau, as well as Amy and her husband. They threw a magnificently relaxed dinner shower to honor the expecting parents. A long table was set up in Amy's driveway with a simple tablecloth, potted plants, and a few oil lamps. We started the evening off with a pomegranate soda cocktail, spicy-sweet pretzels and almonds, and sliced pears and cheese with honey. For supper we feasted on roast pork loin with pancetta and sage, sweet corn, an arugula and endive salad with roasted brussel sprouts, and a white-bean and tomato salad. Yum! For dessert Amy and Sandy made a delicious banana cake with rum banana sauce and ice cream. There was also plenty of wine. Everything was served family style. Placecards were made from from birch simple, classic and casual. I cannot take credit for these magnificent photos, however. Sandy's fiancĂ© (and co-host), Peter Frank Edwards, captured them. The evening was perfect- and the perfect way to celebrate the growing family tree of our friends Courtney and Carter!

The second party, a Tea shower, was given by a few of Courtney's girlfriends at my friend, Boo's, lovely home. The invitation was absolutely adorable...a tea bag attached to a custom Sideshow letterpress creation. Genius! The shower was complete with assorted tea sandwiches (smoked salmon and caper, herbed goat cheese, and cucumber and mint), fresh figs with honey, blue cheese and walnuts, and mini cupcakes. Instead of hot tea, Boo created a refreshing iced herbal tea made with Earl Grey. And of course Rosso Bianco champagne, Courtney's favorite (it was her third trimester)! I couldn't resist taking a picture of my gift, wrapped in Snow & Graham paper. Instead of watching the mom-to-be unwrap all of the gifts (which can take hours), all of the guests picked a gift and unwrapped them at the same time. Then we went around the room and showed Courtney her baby's new clothes and toys. Much more fun for everyone!

Both parties were lovely. As I walked away from each engagement, I realized how important friends are in my life. I have such an amazing vantage point of getting to see all of my friends' children grow up--I'm feeling very blessed and lucky, indeed. There will be so many more fun parties in the years to come!

Until next on!"

Thank you, Allison! I adore all of these great ideas, thanks for sharing. -Sara


kati said...

i LOVE those ideas! all the letterpress looks great!

Sonya said...

These ideas a so unique. I love the little tea invitations, very cute!

Anonymous said...

The tea invites are so unbelievably fantastic! I'm going to do this for sure for a future baby shower! SUCH a cute idea!

Joslyn said...

excellent ideas. i'm throwing a shower for my best friend in December and i'm definitely "stealing" those mini cupcakes and fig appitizer. also that dark wall in the bottom photo is amazing.


I *adore* the lining in the envelopes of the tea invites. Really special.

Beautiful parties.

Allison A. said...

glad everyone loved the post! the girls at sideshow are so creative!!!