Tuesday, March 3, 2015

animal birthday

colorful inspiration for an animal-themed birthday from Mer Mag.


Drew Watts said...

Animal birthday party theme! What a unique theme you selected. I just loved animal art that has been done on the cake. Currently I am doing party planning for my sister’s surprise birthday party. I am quite confused in selecting theme. Can you suggest some great themes?

Unknown said...

That's the great idea for birthday party. I like this animal theme parties. Thanks for share the post.

joshua54 said...

This is such an outstanding Animal birthday activities. I just loved this post. I would like to print such a cute animal activity printable for my Phoenix preschool students. I am quite sure that they will like it too.

Suzan Baker said...

The animal cake must have been the party hit.
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Patricia Carter said...

Well, that's one way to go for celebrations.
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Suzan Baker said...

Animal party is definitely is good idea for young kids.
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AmandaOrleander said...

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