Wednesday, May 26, 2010

sex and the city bachelorette

This SATC-themed bachelorette party from Meaghan is fab! The hostesses didn't leave anything out. Among the many details...
-The bride received a SATC-themed gift from her bridesmaids, which included a gift bag for each character... each filled with character-appropriate lingerie (think conservative and classy for Charlotte; leopard print for Samantha)
-Flirtinis and cosmopolitans were the signature cocktails of the evening, served in hot pink martini glasses
-A pink-and-black New York City skyline cake was baked using the Magnolia Bakery recipe and was adorned with a Manolo Blahnik and pearl necklace
-Guests received copies of the Sex & the City Movie DVD as prizes for the night's various games

Sounds like the gals had some fun! Thanks for sharing, Meaghan.


Praveen said...

I love this, the cake is perfection!! Linking to my blog {}, thanks for sharing!!!

Ron Faves said...

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Anonymous said...

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