Sunday, April 25, 2010

pamper me! (a spa birthday)

I am a girl who likes to be pampered. I come from a mother who likes to be pampered. And I've got a feeling that my daughter is a pamperee as well.

So OF COURSE I love this 'pamper me' themed birthday with details that are so very, very cute! Maja pulled together this darling celebration for her daughter Lucia's 7th birthday. A 'spa' was set up for the girls, with robes, masks, and flip flops as favors. Looks likes Lucia and Maja are girls after my own heart.


Anna said...

The cookies and the masks are absolutely adorable. Wow!

Unknown said...

so adorable! Those cookies are making me smile!

Kim @
party inspiration

Gwen said...

I think this is my favorite. How cute!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

I L O V E those cookies!!!!

BusybeeKim said...

Love the cookies! We recently shared more fun spa party ideas on busybeelifestyle.

Anonymous said...

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