Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reader question of the week

I'm a little late getting up our question of the week- my apologies!

reader question of the week:

"I want to host a murder mystery dinner party. Do you have any idea or links I could check out? Thanks! -Lindsay"

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Anonymous said...

I had a really positive experience with http://www.nightofmystery.com/

You buy the kit online (about $70), lots of themes and ranging from a small intimate group or larger groups. I did it for my 30th, "80s High School Reunion" with about 40 people. A lot of work to coordinate, but everyone had a blast.

cooperl788 said...

We just hosted one this past weekend. We bought a kit at www.areyougame.com. It was really fun, and it was only $15 for the kit. The only real suggestion I have is to try to make sure that you don't have too many people that you have to assign the "extra" parts. Everyone we invited came, so we had to give ourselves the "extras." Those parts had almost nothing to do with the murder and were a little boring.

Coniqua said...

I love the idea of hosting a murder-mystery party but never took the plunge. I have however been stalking the websites for years and know of quite a few some that seem particularly interesting are

Coniqua said...

here is a link that is very useful in describing the different types of mystery games


(see I told you i was marginally obsessed)

BrigittaR said...

I always wanted to hold a murder mystery dinner too but then at the end of last year I listened to Episode #342 of This American Life called How to Rest in Peace. It changed my point of view on this type of dinner party.


These dinners are discussed in the first few minutes of the show, so I recommend you even listen to that much of the show. (It's a really powerful episode, really).

But the gist of my point is: You'd never hold a 'rape party' to try and solve a rape. That would be distasteful. So why would you hold a murder party?

It's just a thought I wanted to share.

PS I'm a long time reader, sometimes commenter and I post this comment thoughtfully, without the intent of stirring the pot. If you go ahead, I hope you have a great party. Thanks.

ballpointbanana said...

I have heard that foglightgames.com has some really good murder mystery games. You may check them out. Halloween is just around the corner.