Monday, February 22, 2010

book cake

I love this book cake sent to me by a Party reader. She's throwing a book-themed party and is looking for additional decor inspiration for her fete. Any ideas, resourceful readers?


Jeanette said...

That's really a cake. Wowza~

Brittany said...

A table cloth made out of either pages of an old book (wouldn't really be cloth) - or I think they have fabric that looks like pages from an old book.
Take home gift could be book marks.
A bunting made of pages from an old book...also you could use that book fabric here, too.
Food decorated with the alphabet - like cupcakes with a letter frosted on top.
Balloons in colors matching the cake. - AWESOME cake, by the way!
That's all I got for now.

Yolanda said...

Some ideas:

~use stacked books as risers and platforms on your buffet table

~scan in dust jackets of your favorite books; shrink down make small color prints; use them to male straw flags, napkin rings, or label covers for water bottles

~serve a menu based around a meal described in a favorite book; or name your menu items after favorite authors or book titles (i.e. Fitzgerald Fries or Alcott Apple Torte).

~use old book pages to line food trays; folded into treat bags; shredded into confetti, or to line envelopes for your invitations

~create a library-themed photobooth and have guests take pictures holding the same books as props

Coniqua said...

here is a link to a book party that includes free printables including book labels and gift tags

Coniqua said...

oops I totally forgot the link

Elizabeth Delaney said...

Make the invitations a bookmark! All the information could be printed on them, and a cute little tassle or thin ribbon tied on, too. The guests could keep the bookmark (invite) to use and remember the fun party!