Thursday, January 28, 2010

cherry blossom first birthday

Lots of cute details in this asian-inspired 'cherry blossom' first birthday from life frosting. Check out the 'sushi'- all made of candy and sweet things (rice crispy treats, swedish fish, fruit rope, etc). Mom Chelsea went to extraordinary lengths to get all the details just right- including a cherry blossom adorned shirt. Check it out right here.


Miranda said...

So cute! What a perfect sweet twist on such a grown-up theme. Love the sushi.

Unknown said...

I made the "candy" sushi last night- they are SO cute and SO fun to make....I just got married in November and am SO ready for, no kids yet, but i am SURE that kids would love helping to make these adorable treats! Parents can make "real" sushi while the little ones make these!

Anonymous said...

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