Sunday, September 20, 2009

reader question of the week

reader question of the week:

"We decided to go all out for my father's 50th Birthday, so a surprise party is in the works! I was hoping for ideas to keep the party going, such as games or entertainment with a twist. We are catering the food and I'm looking for a guitar player for a great way for everyone to have fun, any other suggestions? Thanks so much! -Domenica" 

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Cicely said...

Hi Domenica! I love trivia that relates to the guest of honor. One idea is to present each guest with a "trivia" sheet, and around the party have various "stations" (posters, centerpieces, tables, etc) set up with a trivia question and number related to your father. The questions could be based upon the year he was born, i.e. Which song was a hit in 1959? and list several songs for guest to pick from, or they could be based upon him, i.e. which picture is of baby Jim (or whatever his name is! heehee) and have three or four baby pictures... maybe of other family members who looked similar as babies to throw off the party guests.

Ask the guests to be sure to turn in their "trivia" answers before a certain time, and have somebody go through them to find the winner for a grand prize award.

This game would still allow for socializing and milling about, but be a fun way to get people talking... especially about your father!

Good luck!