Monday, June 29, 2009

clever table numbers

We went to a lovely wedding this weekend outside the Philadelphia area. So much thought had been put into every detail, there were even some beautiful flowers in the bathroom (bottom photo)! The best takeaway idea were the table numbers- each numbered table (it was a seated dinner) had framed photos that coordinated to the age of the bride and groom. Table 22, for example, had a picture of the bride graduating from college and the groom on a family trip with his siblings (at age 22). I only wish they had opened the seating area earlier so I could go around and look at all the other tables! I hadn't seen this done before, and thought it could be done stylishly in so many ways. 

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Anonymous said...

I really love this idea for the table numbers too! So thoughtful and personal, and I bet the guests liked looking at the older photos especially if they didn't know the bride/groom when younger.