Monday, June 22, 2009

anna beckman

Sorry for my MIA-ness the past couple of days. Lots of things going on around here- friend in accident (luckily, okay), other friend's dad died, toddler sick while husband was out of town, baby issues, etcetera, etcetera. Life definitely gets in the way of blogging some days!

On to more important party business...these amazing inspiration boards from Anna Beckman! If I had my way, this is how the conceptual process would start for every party. Wonderful Brooke gave me the heads up on these beauties a bit back, but it looks like some other bloggers beat me to the punch (that's what I get for sitting on them!). In case you missed them, however, they are divine so I felt compelled to share. Anna was a very talented stylist at Martha Stewart, and it looks like her talent has carried her on to various creative freelance projects since then. Check out her whole portfolio here


Full House said...

these are really beautiful. I am inspired to make one of my own.

orange sugar home said...

love them and thanks for posting them. I wish I had hte space to make some as well.