Wednesday, May 27, 2009

helpful websites for meal sign-ups

In the South (and probably elsewhere), when someone is sick, has lost someone, had a baby or any other number of 'occasions', a long line of friends show up with food at the front door. Often times the 'afflicted' person can be deluged with tons of food at the same time, or worse, go for long periods of time without having anyone bring anything. 

A friend recently passed along two websites that I thought were genius...both of them with the same basic idea. They were created to help facilitate meal sign-ups. It takes the burden off of one person having to organize meals, which is often what happens in these situations.

Casseroles and lasagnas tend to be a favorite- what do you like to make to take to friends? Or do you just pick something up from a store? Pictured above is a casserole from Real Simple's 'Easy Casserole Recipes'...lots of them look yummy.

meal sign-up websites (both are free services!):


Unknown said...

Perfect timing! I need to fix a meal for a family with a new addition!

Glenn+Jenn+Owen+Ian said...

I also like this site that a friend used to organize meals, babysitting, and other activities (beyond meals) when a friend had leukemia. The site is also free:

My meal of choice for a new mom is this: A BIG build it yourself Cobb salad (egg, veggies, avocado, bacon, chicken, more veggies, feta, homemade dressing all in individual zip locks so the mom can add what she likes), fruit, and a yummy dessert. Alternate meal: grilled/roasted pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, salad, cookies! I find these meals travel well en route to delivery. I also take all meals in containers that I don't need back and insist on no thank you note- no need to dump extra work on a sleepy new mom!

Pam Walter said...

These sites are fantastic! I am going to bookmark them and pass them along to my friends. Thanks, so much, for the info.