Sunday, April 26, 2009

reader question of the week #2

reader question of the week #2:

"My husband and I both turn 30 this year- and I really want to plan something special for him/us. We are military, USAF, and have just moved- so we are away from friends and family. I'm sure we'll have some close friends nearby by the time our birthdays arrive, but I don't want to force a big party with a lot of people we sort-of-know and kind-of-like. I could really use some creative ideas to pull close friends and family together across the world to wish him/us a happy celebration. Here's a few things about us: 1) We met in Brussels while working for our church; 2) We have 2 kids- one boy, one girl; 3) He loves Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Paul Rudd, movies, games; 4) I love running, sewing, Paul Rudd, games, violin; 5) We live in New Mexico, in the desert, now. Any help you could give us would be so appreciated. Thanks! -Dayna"


Anonymous said...

How about getting friends and family that are a far to send you a well wish note and a photo. You can compile them into a book where each page has the special photo they sent and their well wish. If you are creative you could scrapbook this. If not, you could use an online tool with a photo company like Shutter Fly.

Something similar is to ask people to send postcards or cards. You could either ask them all to send them on a specific date so that your husband is flooded with mail all at once. That would be so fun if you got a huge mass to participate. Or, you could compile them ahead of time and present them in a pretty box tied with ribbon. Or even make garland with them at a party you host to "include those away."

by Sara Hicks Malone said...

Dayna- check out the 40th birthday (man) party I featured last month- the party-thrower created a wonderful compilation of items from friends across the world. Could be wonderful inspiration for you!