Monday, February 23, 2009

sledding party

Given that I'm located in the Southeast, I am hoping our winter days are numbered. In the Northeast, however- the cold is around to stay for a bit more. I was (almost) jealous of our wintry northern neighbors when I received these pictures of a sledding party in Massachusetts. Look at that deep, plush snow! 

Supermom Annmarie has four young kids- with three birthdays in January- so the fact that she can throw any party, let alone three super parties, is beyond me. You'll remember she threw the Parisian Candy shop birthday, and just a couple of weeks later- this great wintry-themed party for her son's 6th. She even made a baked Alaskan ice-cream igloo cake! Happy Birthday, Roan.


Anna said...

What a fun party! This reminds me that I've always wanted to have an outdoor skating party!

Anela Deisler said...

I love the banner. It makes the party seem really official. What a fun theme.

Annie said...

I love this party! I can feel the frost on my face and the candles' warm glow. Nostalgia for my Michigan days is setting in!
Annie - no fuss fabulous