Thursday, February 12, 2009

gen says...(valentine cards)

From Gen:

"Still can't believe I convinced Oden that "it would be much more fun" to make Valentine's cards then to buy superhero ones!

...but last week, during our weekly Target outing, we found these darling vintage-style lollipops for 99 cents. Oden and I were both instantly sold on the idea of making our own Valentine's Day cards.

We have been looking forward to this 'mommy & O' project all week and finally sat down to tackle it after school yesterday. Very simple, actually- cards were complete in under an hour (really!).

We started with leftover stationery from an old project which happened to be in the perfect color palette- and to make it a little more "Super Hero" colors for Oden, we used bright blue painter's tape to hold the lollipops in place. 

Oden laid out all of the cards and positioned the lollipops.. we decided after a few solo taping attempts that perhaps Mom should do the finishing touches! After all the cards were assembled I attached the Martha Stewart (from Michael's) labels to the lollipops and signed them.

Oden also made Valentine's-inspired abstract art for teachers, friends and family which we wrapped in simple craft boxes I had saved from J. Crew and finished with his handmade cards. 

Then Oden was off to school to deliver all his fun treats the next day..."

Thanks, Gen! I can't wait until my little guy is old enough to participate in a fun project like this. 


Jess said...

Adorable, and I love the name Oden-- very cute!

Carrie said...

That has to be the cutest V-day project ever!

hd said...


I am sure she found that fabric at some flea market in miami or something....I have GOT to have it! My ultimate dream is for gen to let me raid her stash of fabric and furniture. I imagine myself grabbing things as if I were on supermarket sweep...and then going home and throwing out all of my own stuff and replacing it with hers. someday, someday :)