Friday, February 20, 2009

gen + ben

Gen's wedding had many beautiful details. As you can see, her 'concept photos' (yesterday's post) translated beautifully to the actual event.

Details to note: 
-pennant flags: the pennants were used both as table markers and for the altar area (blown up large and affixed to wooden dowels)

-customized affordable items: her dress was very simple- but she added the yellow trim detail, the yellow sweater, and the vintage flower pins to make it feel more personal and 'expensive' looking

-southern touches: while neither Benjamin or Genifer are really 'Southerners', they wanted to make sure their wedding had a touch of the South. Country elements included a meat + three menu, bold floral patterns, an invitation suite that included 'y'all' and 'yee-haw'; as well as the location itself- Cheekwood Gardens, located in the heart of Nashville.

As with any large event, there were glitches. The great vintage serving ware she used for the 'family style' menu got broken and wasn't adequately sized to feed a crowd. Coordination was difficult because the property was spread out. But the good memories prevail, and it was a beautiful (and beautifully-styled) day to celebrate my dear friend's wedding.

-bridesmaids dresses by J. Crew
-bouquets by Ilex
-photos by Amy Dickerson
-invitations and ephemera (program, pennant flags, table markers) by me 
-floral tablecloths- custom, with Denyse Schmidt fabric
-white planters from Ikea
-gingham flower girl dresses by Pears + Bears

Any other questions you have, just leave in the comment box and Gen will answer!


robyn said...

i love this! i love your blog! love it!

Chelsea said...

I never do get tired of seeing your friend Gen's wedding. I love the flag details and her dress. Thanks for sharing more details!

Jane said...

love this wedding. from the first thumbnail (black and white) i knew it was that gorgeous yellow sweater that i loved in martha.

great details all around.

Joanna Goddard said...

so lovely!!!

Making it Lovely said...

It's all just so sweet and lovely.


love the bridesmaid dresses and the bride's cardigan.

ashley morgan said...

absolutely beautiful!

lindsey said...

where are the favor bags from? i love the pink and red combo!

by Sara Hicks Malone said...

the favor bags are from an old shop she owned, called Favorite. We pasted the 'yahoo' stripes over the store's name.

TROIKA PM said...

Hi Gen,

where did you get your dress from? I know ou added the yellow things, but I still like the dress very much :) Thx Lena

Can you reply to:

none said...

Yes, where is the brides dress from?