Saturday, January 31, 2009

yummy fun

My mother-in-law just received copies of Claire Crespo's Yummy Fun cookbooks. Long story- but apparently my brother-in-law's girlfriend's mom's friend is her mom's next door neighbor (got that?), and thought my MIL would enjoy cooking them with or for my son. Someday, perhaps- but he is just 14 months old at the moment.

Anyway- these books are very fun and full of ideas for turning food into something that even the pickiest eater might enjoy. My primary criticism, however, is that the recipes seem to focus on sweet treats (does anyone really have a problem getting their child to eat cupcakes?), rather then more nutritious fare. Nonetheless, I believe in getting kids involved in the kitchen early on. 

The website is a bit trippy...I can't help but hum Grateful Dead tunes while browsing the site...but the yummy fun blog has loads of ideas, including the house shown above. 

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