Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've always considered myself a grateful person. Grateful for the family and friends in my life. Grateful for the opportunities I've had. But for the past 3 years on December 28th, I've considered myself particularly grateful. My husband, his family and I were all in a bus crash in Costa Rica while on Christmas vacation in 2005. If it weren't for the physical scars that remind me that it really did happen (and the photos taken by the press), I would almost think it was just a vivid, bad dream. 

That's me on the top photo, after being extracted from the wreck, the rescue workers attempting to remove me in the middle (I was underneath that bus!) and my husband on the bottom photo in the blue arm splint. If I ever get really frustrated with him, all I have to do is take a look at that one to give myself some perspective. After getting out from under that thing, I kept repeating over and over and over to my rescuers, 'gracias.' 

I hope in these trying times we can mentally strip away all of the things that really don't matter and focus on the ones that do. I'm thankful this year to have a healthy son that I adore, a roof over my head (albeit with a tree-punctured hole), a loving group of family and friends, and a job that I love. 

Gracias to you for joining me this year at Party Perfect. I'm looking forward to another great one with you in 2009.



Thanks God that you´re alive!
A Great New Year!

Darci White said...

Hi there-

I found your blog from "Moderneve" and fell in love with it immediately.

I read this post today and was completely shocked. God is good and takes care of us!

My husband and I were in Costa Rica last Thanksgiving (Manuel Antonio) and I was so scared when traveling on the big tour buses....and the drive from San Jose to Manuel Antonio in general.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but just wanted to say that we all do have a great deal to be thankful for! And how we (I) overlook it on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I were also involved in a tour bus crash in Peru this past August. While we were lucky to escape physical injury, I'm very familiar with the emotional trauma that such an experience brings about - and how much it reminds us that we have so much to be thankful for each and every day.

Brooke Reynolds said...

Sara.. I can't believe you survived that. Amazing.. totally amazing. We spent out honeymoon in Costa Rica and I had to close my eyes a few times as my husband navigated one way bridges and such. Thank you for reminding me of all the big and small blessings in my life.

karlene said...

I am grateful for you too, I know, weird, I don't even know you. Have a blessed 2009!

by Sara Hicks Malone said...

What sweet, touching comments! Thank you!!! I'm so glad all of you are here, too.

Sharnel said...

I'm certainly glad that you are all well and safe with us now - Christmas 2008.
I love reading your blog. I have about 40 blogs that i read daily and yours is one of a handful that makes my heart skip a beat when I see you've posted something new.

skirts and wellies said...

Thank god for your survival and recovery. My boys and I had a major car accident this year, but luckily the air bags did their job and we were all safe save my son's broken arm and my injured feet. It does make you grateful for life and loved ones.

Amanda said...

Wow, now there is some perspective. Wishing you a wonderful 2009.

Chelsea said...

Thank you so much for sharing this bit of perspective. I can't even imagine what this must have been like.