Monday, October 27, 2008

high vs. low

I've come across two French-themed birthday parties this week...for a one year-old and the other for a two year-old. The one year-old party is a bit over the top and must have cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The other is still gorg (check out that cake!), but on a much more modest scale. Which do you like? Personally, a party on that level for a one year-old makes me gag (even if they do have the money!), but that's just me. I really adore the two year-old's party, however!

2 year-old party via Black Eiffel
1 year-old party via Whatever Dee Wants via B.lush

1 comment:

Joslyn said...

the two year old party is my fave...lovely, understated, totally appropriate. perfect.