Wednesday, September 10, 2008

party perfect: REAL party ('cowboy little' birthday!)

When a friend shared pictures of her son's recent birthday party, I went nuts! She has impeccable taste and an amazing imagination, which is evident in every detail of her son's birthday party. 

Little "C." (and his mom) were inspired by his favorite book...Cowboy Small, for the party. Below is her description of the big day:

"I blew up a picture from the book and cut a hole through Cowboy Small's face. The kids all took turns putting their face in...which we took pictures of, and then turned into their thank you cards (third photo from top, bottom photo)

For the party, my husband taught the kids how to be cowboys, which included:
1) how to dress like cowboys (we gave them hats and bandanas)
2) how to talk like cowboys (say 'howdy' for hello, 'grub' for food, etc.)
3) how to walk like a cowboy
4) how to 'rope' like a cowboy (with a hula hoop)
5) how to shoot like cowboys (knocking down tin cans with a water shooter)

Once the kids had 'learned' how to be cowboys, they got their deputy badges (cheap silver badges from the party store). 

We served pulled-pork sandwiches, veggies and dip, and a big bowl full of shelled peanuts. C. wanted cupcakes "with horses on them" so that's exactly what we did. And we gave out goody bags with trail mix, a plastic horse, some cowboy stickers, and a few pieces of 'gold'(gold wrapped candy)."


Stephanie said...

This cowboy theme is SO CUTE!! I've seen other western themes before but never this cute! If I weren't already planning my son's pirate party, I know he would love this just as much & it would be so much fun to plan! I've got to keep this in mind for next year.

Stellan, Matilda, Julia and Ola said...

Very Cute!

I love all the ideas on your blog. When it's time for one of my kids' birthdays in the future, I'm sure I'll refer to your blog for inspiration. Would you be able to add a new tag to those posts that says something like "Kid Party" so that they're easily searchable in the future?


Joslyn said...

brilliant party. especially love the cupcake toppers!

S. Schuller said...

That party is brilliant! Every detail planned to perfection. What a cute little cowboy birthday boy.

studio wellspring said...

super duper adorable ~ if i had a lil' boy i'd certainly copy this top to bottom. however.... maybe i can do a cow girls one someday when my daughter is old enough? ;o)

Penelope Walker said...

I've been reading your blog and I just love it. This cowboy party is the cutest thing ever, so I had to share it with others for inspiration on the MyPunchbowl online invitations blog.

What a creative friend you have--great attention to details.

Colleen Terpening said...

That is such a cute idea. I just sent it to all my friends with boys. Love all the creative details!

The Urban Un-Martha said...


Unknown said...

I love this blog! It is just so inspiring. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I also have a little "Cowboy Small" who had a birthday party. I loved your ideas so much that I borrowed your goodie bag idea! So stinking cute. Thanks for always posting such creative and adorable ideas!

Here is the link to my blog about our cowboy party...

Unknown said...

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