Friday, August 29, 2008

ode to maira

There are two other 'fantasy' blogs I have in the back of my mind at all times. The first is a play off of the Sartorialist. Instead of photographing terribly fashionable people all over the world, I would photograph terribly unfashionable people all over Nashville. Today I saw a woman dressed in very short jean shorts, loose-around-the-calf cowboy boots, a button-down pink men's shirt (tucked in), and a short fitted jacket. The whole ensemble would have been better only if she had frayed jean shorts, but nonetheless, she would have made my unfashion blog.

Which leads me to my next fantasy blog, entitled An Ode to Maira Kalman. To say I adore Maira's illustrations and sense of humor is a vast understatement. 

Several years ago, my mother- who had no idea who she was- thought her illustrations were so 'charming' that she tracked her down at her apartment in NYC. She somehow got her on the phone and convinced her to sign a slew of her (Un)fashion books, including one for me! I was a tad embarassed for my mother, but at the same time- I feel so fortunate to have a signed copy with a little illustration Maira did just for me that says 'to Sara.' (I will have to post a picture of that later).

I could think of no better way to start the weekend then with a little dose of Ms. Kalman. Above are some party-inspired excerpts from her latest book, The Principles of Uncertainty. J'adore!


amy turn sharp said...

yes- I also want to start a blog of all the funky dressed folks in my town too! so fun!

Cindy said...

just wanted to make sure that you've seen this

a. said...

Pretty funny about (un)fashion...I worked on that book for Abrams and was at the book party. Very fun.