Thursday, August 21, 2008

nashville spotlight: gigi's cupcakes

What is it with the news today? I think I'm going to have to change my home page from CNN, since I am getting depressed every time I open up my browser. So on to a happier subject...cupcakes!

A friend visiting from NYC made a happy, but dangerous discovery here in Nashville...Gigi's cupcakes. After trying three different kinds, she now claims they are better then Magnolia Bakery's...that the cake itself is more moist, and the buttercream icing, just as good. Could it be true? I can't wait to judge for myself. Near Vanderbilt, at 1816 Broadway, Suite A, 37203.

photo from flickr's becheery

update from Sara: I hate to disagree with my dear friend, but my husband and I pretty much hated Gigi's. Aside from the very friendly and happy staff, the experience was entirely disappointing. Bad lighting, bad atmosphere, bad presentation (a styrofoam cup) and the cupcakes- tasted like strange Kroger ones, to us. I promise, dear readers, I will try something myself before making recommendations from now on!

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