Tuesday, August 26, 2008

conran discount

I've been wanting to recommend the conran shop's great discount to you...20% off everything through August 30th...but they've disappointed me so much with my attempted buying experience, that I've been leery about passing it along. 

The website does not function well. The first time I tried to order something using the discount, I could not get the 'apply discount' function to work. Then I received an email that the discount was now working, and to try again. Which I did this evening. The discount did work- but I was appalled to see they were charging $35 to ship 3 small items- completely erasing the savings. Absurd!

It's too bad- they have some really beautiful things. If you still find some things you can't live without and don't mind the shipping costs, enter code word DOMINO at checkout (a promotion through Domino magazine).

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