Tuesday, October 6, 2009

red balloon follow-up

It's rare that I get to see the parties that are queried about in our reader question of the week. That's why I was thrilled when Rachel sent me pictures from her 'red balloon' party (see her original question right here). Apparently one of you lovely readers gave her the idea for these 'red balloon' finger sandwiches (= tomatoes on a toothpick) - brilliant! For more of Rachel's party, check out her blog.


Belly Feathers said...

I love that Rachel was able to use my Cherry Tomato Balloon idea, and especially that you thought it was cute, Sara!

I'm a remote party planner that offers party blueprints at super reasonable prices. I love brainstorming for party ideas!


CraftyRachel said...

We had a wonderful time! Thanks for the sandwich idea, Betsy, and Sara, thanks for providing a creative space to plan our party. We got so many compliments on everything!

kT said...

I had a 'red balloon' party for my daughter 2 weeks ago!