Sunday, August 16, 2009

reader question of the week #2

reader question of the week #2:

"I am planning my son's first birthday party for late September. Since our family has spent a lot of time in France (we lived there for 7 months of my pregnancy and went back for a visit with baby this summer), I wanted to have a party loosely themed around Albert Lamorisse's 1956 film "The Red Balloon." I thought something as simple as a red balloon would be age-appropriate, but am having trouble coming up with activity/food/decor ideas! As for decor, I plan on using ball-shaped red paper lanterns, but do any other readers have other ideas inspired by the film or Paris? What about age-appropriate food ideas? I want to make this a fun opportunity for our baby to celebrate with the new friends we'll be inviting from his daycare class. Thanks! -Rachel"


Jennifer said...

What a great idea for you - esp with your family's "French Connection". I actually just had a Red Balloon party for my son who turned 3 last week. Due to sick kids and sheer lack of time, I had to keep things somewhat minimal, but our family had a great time.

Check my blog for some of the decor/favor/music ideas:

CraftyRachel said...

Thanks for this, Jennifer! I like the black and white accents and loooove the cute photo of your son with the balloon.

by Sara Hicks Malone said...

Try searching 'first birthday' on the PP blog to see what others have done for food for first birthdays. I think you've got a limited fare to work with for one year olds- goldfish, small fruit, etc. First birthday parties to me are more for the adults, then they are the child- so you might want to figure out how 'involved' the food is for the adults. Most birthdays I've been to or thrown have had light fare- small sandwiches that can be picked up and small appetizer items. I think using the red as the tying theme sounds great, and a red dot motif could tie in the balloon image. I think it such a great idea for a party- I can't wait to see what you do!

Belly Feathers said...

This party theme sounds so cute; please come back and share a link to party pictures when you are finished.

For the food, you could incorporate cherry tomatoes on tooth picks to look like edible red balloons. I agree that a one-year-old's party is more a treat for the adults than kids, so my menu suggestions for these cherry-tomato balloons fall in this category. You could stick them out of mini sandwiches or display them vertically sticking out of a tray of sliced cheese and marinated red peppers, olives, etc.

Belly Feathers said...

This might give you ideas for invitations. I love how the red balloon is placed in the cello bag. Armelle Blog