Wednesday, March 3, 2010

somewhere over the...

Reader Amy is looking for rainbow-themed ideas for an upcoming birthday party- decor, activities, etcetera. I love these two rainbow items from The Small Object. I think some activity that involves a treasure hunt to find a pot of gold would be cute, too. Do you have any great ideas for her?


Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

The rainbow cupcakes! I'll be making those for St. Patty's Day. They're very easy to make (divide, color,layer vanilla cake mix). There are lot's of tutorials out there for them too. Hope that helps;o)

Summer said...

definitely a rainbow/tie dye cake layer cake!

N. said...

Here's a link to a rainbow cake I made for my daughter last year:

Sadly, no other rainbow ideas for you though.

jmglancy said...

Thanks-the rainbow cake is the inspiration for the 2nd bday party-that and the fact that she was a rainbow for Halloween. I wonder about how to incorporate rainbow in other aspects of the party.

nina healy said...

You could have the kids make cereal necklaces...using fruit loops and apple jacks you can get the whole rainbow! You could also ahve them use dot markers to make a rainbow- maybe even a large one that they an all work on together- on white butcher paper
Play pin the cloud on the rainbow
Sing (or play a cd of) "Somewhere over the rainbow"
You could also make a rainbow veggie platter- red tomatoes, orange baby carrots, yellow peppers...etc.
Have skittles for party favors "taste the rainbow"

amber said...

We literally JUST had a rainbow party this past Saturday! I had more ideas than I could use . . .

We made a rainbow cake similar to the one on Omnomicon's site.

I used my own vanilla cake recipe and only used three colors per pan. Just a little less pouring that way, and it turned out great. Definitely use the gel food coloring for vivid colors (stir the coloring before adding it to the batter, though).

Oriental Trading has some great paper lanterns in rainbow colors--you get 12 (2 each of the six main colors) for 12.99.


We hung these up, and they were great! We also used streamers in all six colors and 2 dozen balloons, four of each color.

As we were planning for the party, we started to notice rainbows everywhere. We used any of our toys that were rainbow colored as "decoration" as well.

I found nesting bowls in rainbow colors at Target (one of my most exciting finds)and used them for the food (red strawberries, orange mandarins, yellow lemons for the water, green guacamole, blue corn chips, and purple grapes).

We got a pinata in the shape of a number 6 at Party America. It was the perfect fit because it was my daughter's age, and it was rainbow-striped. They have this same type of pinata in the numbers 0-9.

For favors, the kids added gumballs, Twizzlers, and lollipops to their candy bags. The gumballs (mini ones from Oriental Trading) were in a clear jar with a scoop, the mini lollipops (also from Oriental Trading) in a jar, and the Twizzlers (rainbow colored from the grocery store in with the Easter candy) on a tray.

I had planned on sewing a paper garland but ran out of time. I ended up using all the shapes (2-inch circles, scalloped circles, and hearts) I had punched out as confetti (kinda large for confetti but fun) on the food island.

I ran a large piece of plain white wrapping paper down our large island and that was a simple runner and backdrop for the food and confetti. I did the same with our dining room table and put out crayons for the kids to color with.

Yikes! I hope this isn't too long of a comment. I would post a link to my blog, but I haven't written about the party or put any pictures up. Sadly, I didn't get a ton of great shots, so I don't think it's making the Party Perfect cut. Sigh. :)

Good luck! This is the best party theme ever because it is so colorful! I was happy the whole time I was planning it. :)

I don't think I've ever commented before. Sara, I loooove your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

amber said...

PS--love those items from the Small Object.

I like Nina's ideas too. We had wanted to play Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow, but that was another thing we ran out of time for.

Jessica of How About Orange posted on about a "colorful party" she put together, and in the comments of that post are ideas for a playlist of songs with color names in the title. We ended up just playing kid music on Pandora, but I really liked the idea.

brittany said...

my daughter who is about to turn four told me a couple months ago she wanted a rainbow party, i started hunting for inspiration immediately. there wasn't a whole lot, but lately there has been a ton of stuff!

The rainbow cake/cupcakes are all over and so fun, we will be making those. i'm also planning to make a rainbow fruit tray with mini marshmallows as the clouds and a rainbow assortment of drinks.

i plan to tie a bunch of balloons with each color of the rainbow to each chair, make circle felt garlands in rainbow colors to hang from the ceiling, and ask each child to wear a different color of the rainbow.

for games, a treasure hunt to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, ribbon dancing (target had great rainbow colored ribbons in their toy section), and playing with the rainbow colored parachute.

i am still working on a few other details like favors and invitations, but i am getting really excited about the whole thing! can't wait to see what you come up with.

amber said...

For those still planning a rainbow party, my friend just bought my daughter a rainbow-colored pinwheel from the dollar bins at Target. Something like that would make for fun decoration and great party favors.

Nicole said...

My daughter requested a Rainbow Unicorn birthday for her fifth birthday. Here are a few pictures:

Rainbow themed paper plates were nowhere to be found (even with the 80s revival), so I used red, orange, and yellow plates, blue, green, and purple napkins.

Favors included those huge spiraling rainbow-hued unicorn horn lollipops and unicorn pencils.

We always do a treasure hunt, so finding a pot of gold chocolates at the end of the rainbow was a natural theme.

I made two unicorn hobby-horses and we had unicorn relay races.

The cake I made was one of the favorite ones I've ever made. The rainbows extending from one layer to the next worked exactly as I'd imagined--how often does that happen? ;-)