Sunday, March 21, 2010

reader question of the week #2

reader question of the week #2:

"I've offered to host a baby shower for a good friend. She and her husband refer to their unborn baby girl as Little Cutie Pie. I thought it would be fun to build the shower theme around this. I love the idea of pie lollipops and plan to try and tackle that project, but I was hoping your readers might help me with some other fun ideas that would fit with this theme. Thanks so much! -Maggie"


mel said...

pie slice bunting banners!

Michelle said...

Pick a pie and run with that color theme. Strawberry=pink, apple=red, lemon=yellow (maybe pick their fav pie or the color that coordinates with their nursery.) And maybe serve mini pies.

CeCe said...

Lots of pies on cake stands. Regular sized and min pies.

Menu of pies: chicken pot pie, shepherds pie

Serve appetizers and all food items in pie plates. You can find so many fun and festive pie plates at Homegoods, TJMaxx, etc. You can make warm dips in pie plates as well, like artichoke or spinach dip.


Emily said...

These single serving pies in a jar are so stinking cute.

Some cute pie stuff here

Phuong said...

Mini pies! Bakerella has a great section on her blog dedicated to pies!

Kristin said...

I just saw these with a great tutorial

yayaburket said...

we just had a pie party at our home.
it was for our housewarming.

not very babyshowerish.

but I can tell you people liked tasting all the different pies so lots of mini pies (recipes on bakerella) you could ask the mom and dad to be their favorite pies and play off that. best of luck.

you could also have a pie contest. people voting.

and you could do a vintage theme and add some cupie dolls to the mix.

Keri said...

What about moon pies!?

LucyL said...

You could have guest fill their best pie recipe in a book as a keepsake for when the baby grows up