Sunday, March 7, 2010

reader question of the week #2

reader question of the week #2:

"My twin boys turn one in June and I'm trying to come up with something a little different for their party. I want a theme that makes note of the fact that they are twins (all too soon they'll be deciding the theme for themselves and probably won't care about their awesome twin-ness), but it doesn't necessarily have to be the whole entire theme.The party will be in an open-air pavilion in a local park. I'm leaning towards something old-fashioned, evoking a sort of classic Christopher Robin-era feel (but without actually doing anything Winnie the Pooh!). Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks! -Rachel"


gaintheuk said...

maybe you could go on the idea of things that go great together - like Pooh and Christopher Robin, peanut butter and jelly, cake and ice cream, hamburgers and hotdogs, your boy one and your boy two. maybe a photo booth with costumes of famous pairs or ask guests to come as famous pairs, play matching games. maybe do a old soda fountain feel for the decor or play on the wonder of twinness with an old-time carnival feel to it all

CoTwinMom said...

The 2 that come quickly to mind that play on the twin relationship are Noah's Ark and Dr. Suess's Thing 1 and Thing 2, which I've seen on a few blogs. May not be in the direction you originally wanted, but might be something to consider.

Carmelina said...

I can picture a setting similar to a candyland/1910 (Mary Poppins) type of coloring/decor. stripes, Main Stree USA... red, blue,green, yellow balloons. An oldfashioned ice cream cart, hot dogs, popcorn machine, and maybe a small petting zoo (if that's your thing, If not, children would enjoy an artist drawing characatures, or a balloon artist. I see old-fashioned, but fun games: potatoe sack races, horse shoes, relay races, ice cream eating contest, and maybe a pinata (filled with candy, of course!). How about a sidewalk drawing contest with sidewalk chalk? (a nod to the lovely Marry Poppins story) The invites could be a candyland game themed or to look like a story book in rhyming fashion-type of design, and depending on the ages and names of the twins the possibilities could be fun with a sweet rhyme. "Double the Fun", "Twice the Sweetness", "Double Scoop" "Sugar and Spice", etc.

If the Pavilion is a big open, offer inexpensive kites from wallmart as a favor to take home. Bubbles as well. these are usually a dollar each at the wallmart.

I hope this offers a springboard for you to get other ideas...I love this kind of stuff!

Jilly Beanz Thingz said...

I know this is for a twin baby shower, but I just think the idea of 2 birdies is so cute. And with yours being outdoors, you can really play up the birdie/nature angel.

Angel said...

This comes to mind:

Angel said...

What if you did a "Two if By Sea" theme and use old-fashioned outfits with shortpants, old toys, and an antique look. By ship was the mode of transportation then, so you could really have fun with boats.

Something post-Victorian, pre-WWII

Angel said...

Or you could do a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang party! It seems a bit on the Victorian side, but would fit that Mary Poppins feel, plus boys and cars always go great together. The film features sweets, cars, toys and twins (albeit b/g twins). There's even a song on there called "You Two"

Here's a cover of the book by Ian Fleming (Roald Dahl did the screen play)

You could use that type of artwork for the invites and decorations.

Too bad this wasn't closer:

TwinJoys said...

Thank you all for such wonderful ideas! I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner but hubby & I came down with something last weekend & I've been trying to catch up ever since.
I esp love Angel's idea for Two if by Sea & it almost won out, but I think I'll save it for next year when it will be doubly (pun intended) perfect.
I decided to go with a picture I cobbled together of 2 little boys on a seesaw & the card will read: Help us celebrate a year of ups & downs (mostly ups!) with Aaron & Eli!
I may try to use some of Carmelina's game ideas...who doesn't love a relay race? & I am definitely going to be renting Mary Poppins & Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for visual ideas. I have never seen CCBB & didn't know it had twins.
Once again, thank you all! I have so much more to go on now.
I love love love this site!

Angel said...

Awesome...I definitely want to see pics!

And for next year :)

The size doesn't go past one-year, but it's exactly what an old-fashioned swim suit looks like, and would work for MP, CCBB, and Two if by Sea.