Sunday, March 7, 2010

reader question of the week #1

reader question of the week #1:

"Would you please recommend ideas and pictures that I can use to help me create a beautiful (yet inexpensive) birthday party for my daughter's first birthday? She is our fifth daughter and I'd love to make it special for her! Thanks! -Jamie"


nina healy said...

a sugar & spice theme comes to mind...
use sugar in glass containers with candles
spice drops (gum drops)for favors- or a candy bar
or you could do a
"tickled pink" party
with a pink feather theme

CoTwinMom said...

We did a Miss Spider Tea Party theme for our twin girls' 1st birthday party. We kept it small, so we didn't do games, etc. but we def played up the tea party theme. The colors, characters and theme of the book def provide a lot of inspiration--and is ideal for the spring/summer. Toys R Us just started carrying a Miss Spider branded gardening and bug toy line--it even includes a hopscotch board--that might provide you with activity ideas.

Kim @ said...

I am finishing up the planning for a super tight budget baby shower, I know how you feel! Feel free to check out my inspiration boards!

Kim @
party inspiration

Jilly Beanz Thingz said...

My daughters first birthday party centered around a ladybug theme. Red, white and black. Red table cloth, white napkins, red and white flowers, red, white and black balloons. I printed ladybug clip art out and hung from my chandelier and used that same clip art to decorate things, put on thank you bags, etc. Local party stores should also have ladybug themed items.

Another popular theme I've seen in Lollipops.

Jes said...

My little girl will be one in July and I have been brainstorming for ideas too. I think I am going to do a cupcake theme. There are a ton of REALLY cute cupcake outfits on etsy and I thought I could do a lot of pink and white with a centerpiece of cupcakes.

Belly Feathers said...

Polka dots are another great inexpensive party idea. Pick a few solid colors, maybe inspired by some polka-dot scrapbooking paper you find, and then let that guide the rest of your party decisions.

Circles mimic the shape of polka-dots, and you can find all sorts for circular items to decorate with once you start looking. For your invites, print the party details on a solid piece of card stock and glue on three different sized circles in your party colors in a cluster for polka dots. For circular party food, serve M&Ms in your colors of choice, round cookies, etc.

Here are some links for inspiration:

I love coming up with fun party ideas and designing handmade party decor, favors, etc. See my website for more info.