Monday, August 24, 2009

gen says...(preparing for a red, white & blue party)

From Gen:

"Hooray for red, white, and blue!

This Summer, instead of taking one big vacation with the kids- we chose to break up our time into several great mini road trips. It was absolutely amazing to experience small town going back in time to a simpler life. For me there is nothing better than hot dogs and milk shakes at an old soda fountain and roadside thrifting!

I know that our "American Summer" has had a 
lasting impression on is far past 4th of July and I am still in love with red, white, and blue. I just can't seem to get enough of this patriotic color palette!

The theme hit me hard after our first weekend excursion and quickly inspired my husband, Benjamin's, 
Father's Day gifts.

As I prepare for Oden's 4th 
Birthday party next week- the red, white, and blue is in full force. We are looking forward to a birthday party that captures the feeling of small town america...of course with our own modern twist. Photos to come!"

(and remember, you can get Gen's super cute skirts right here).

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