Monday, July 13, 2009

paper party idea + atlanta wrap-up

I just returned from the Atlanta Gift Show last evening, and am playing catch-up on a myriad of things. 

First of all- the show was fun. I always love getting to see Whitney and toss around ideas. She's my tech/internet guru, and gets me up to date on the latest (last year's conversations led me to bloglines, this year, she's turned me on to and blurb). We also dined briefly with Ashley, sampled some extraordinary fare in beautiful surroundings at Abattoir, and were introduced to Seed Factory via Ash (a sister store to Sprout). I also met some kind fellow paper people, including Robin, Karen, and Lori (love those stamps!). Being in that atmosphere is energizing and always makes me want to go home and create

We spotted these amazing paper t-shirts (see above) in the window of Seed Factory, and it immediately got my wheels turning. What about doing onesies for a baby shower instead of t's? If you're slightly crafty it looks easy enough... The paper was lightweight, and stitched together (with a sewing machine) over the hanger. If you didn't want to include a hanger, you could easily do this without- and string on a line with clothespins instead. I think it would look just as nice without lettering, but a stamp either spelling out the name of the baby-to-be or mother-to-be might be lovely as well. So many ways to go with this! 

p.s. If you're looking for baby stuff, and haven't yet seen the new market slings from Serena & Lily, they are drool-worthy. I am considering indulging for baby #2.


camillestyles said...

This idea would be perfect for incorporating into a Mexican-themed party as well, with all the paper flags & paper flowers... I did an "All-Paper" decor here:
How fun to incorporate the paper t-shirt idea with all the papele picados strung around!

Ashley Marie said...

oh, yay for the Mart! I wish I had met you, I'd love to begin meeting fellow bloggers and lovers of all things pretty!

anhesty said...

o those slings are fab! thanks for sharing!!! and the paper tshirt idea is so fun!