Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i spy: pretty fakes

Why do we love pretty fakes? No...they're nothing new, but they're mighty clever- and popping up everywhere, it seems. Some of my recent favorites above... a jello lime crafted to look like a watermelon; a cupcake meant to look like an ice cream cone; and one of my all-time faves- the potted cake. What are your favorite fakes?

watermelon...right here (via pinkcupcakevintage)
ice cream cone...right here (via gen)
potted plant cake...right here (from martha, of course!)


Aimee Friedrich said...

how cool! love the potted plant.

Berry said...

The watermelon is so cute! And I love the ice cream cone cupcakes!

Alexis said...

So great...perfect for some April Fools pranks on my kids!

Allison said...

those are the cutest watermelons I have ever seen! what a cute idea, I can't wait to make them!

Su said...
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Su said...

The potted plant cake is one of my favorite Martha Stewart ideas. And the frosting is delicious to boot.

My friend throws an elaborate Harry Potter party every time a new movie comes out. I made these as part of my Professor Sprout costume. It was a total hit!