Tuesday, September 23, 2008

parties, friends + a big white house

I live in a contemporary home, far different from these wonderful big, white beauties...but in my mind, the classic white home has always been a dream (though I'm quite happy in our modern abode...it is white). I imagine these houses are always full of friends and family, bustling with activity and parties galore! 

I've pulled this collection of lovelies from some favorites. The only one missing (in my mind) is one I spotted in a Kate Spade ad campaign several years ago. Big white house, green shutters, and purses falling out of the window onto the immaculate green lawn--anyone? If you happen to have it, please email it to me and I will post along with these!

From top: photo by Paul Costello; 'An Affair With a House' by Bunny Williams; Domino (left), J. Crew (right)...pulled this from someone's blog long ago- would love to source if known (thank you to PP readers who identified the images!); photo by Matthew Hranek for Best & Co; photo by Slim Aarons.


chelsea said...

I love a big white colonial house. These images are so inspiring. Thank you!

Jordann said...

I believe the picture labeled as unknown is from a J. Crew catalog from earlier this year -- March or April 2008.

Mama Bj said...

I knew I loved your blog! An Affair With A House is on my Amazon wish list at the moment. I am ordering it now. Thanks for the inspiration.

loren weltsch said...

love the photos!
the photo with the people in the windows is from a domino magazine. the wedding party with the ladders is from j.crew.