Sunday, August 17, 2008

simple, beautiful

These beauties, photographed by Wendell T. Webber, are very simple in composition- but show what a few props (and a good photographer) can do. I'm not even a huge fan of the wedding cake shown in the top photo- but I love the blue on blue image, with its pop of yellow, and the detail of the classic chair. 

The blue coral in a bed of sand contained in a glass bowl seems like a great tabletop idea- particularly when paired with blue glassware, as shown. 

And the last photo- taken from an unidentified periodical- shows an easy way to make champagne a little more special. In case you aren't able to read it- it says, "Moisten rims of glasses with water, then dip into coarse red decorating sugar. Gently pour in chilled Champagne, then add a splash of pomegranate juice." 


Stacy McCallum said...

so pretty!! thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I think you might enjoy Elegant Bulldog floral... it's minimalist yet colorful... kind of matches your aesthetic.

Janaan said...

Oh, where can I get that tiered cupcake plate?