Saturday, August 9, 2008


I always wonder how those crafty genius' at Anthropologie put together their displays, so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon the latest window arrangement of 'book wreaths' being installed at the Nashville store. Lucky for me, my mom was in town and had her camera! Unfortunately, there was no way to get a picture without some major glare, so these were the best of what we took. From observation, it appears the stylist made plywood frames, hooked together with steel brackets (top two photos). Then hot glue was applied to the book spines and the books were adhered to the frame, one at a time (surprisingly the process seemed to go somewhat quickly). I can imagine it was a huge time commitment, but how amazing would these be in someone's home? Or for a writer's wedding? Or a way over-the-top book shower?  


gillar girl said...

i was happy to find this fun blog! (from frolic) looks like all the kind of stuff i love!

mj said...

I want a job helping the decorators at the Anthropologie stores! I'm continually amazed at the gorgeous things they do with inexpensive, everyday items. Has anyone seen the amazing wall art they create with paper?

kim said...

I just saw this at my local store and LOVED it! Anthropologie is the coolest store ever.