Tuesday, July 15, 2008

miracles do exist

I just about cried when I found a water glass, left by a house guest on top of a computer printout, had made a bright pink ink stain on my Saarinen marble top table. I had saved up for the tulip table for a verrrrry long time, and had only recently indulged...telling my husband it would be an 'heirloom piece' we would have for years.

He quickly realized how dire the situation was and jumped on the internet to search out some options. Many of the sites we found offered little hope, until we found some powder solution that I am now deeming 'miracle paste.'

I was concerned anything we used might take the clear coat finish off of the table, or do some additional damage that made the stain look even worse. However, after mixing the powder with water, covering it in plastic wrap, and letting it sit overnight- the paste worked its magic. The next morning I scraped off to discover the stain was completely GONE, with no damage done to the table!

So I must give five stars to Stone Care International Ink Stain Remover, IPP Poultice Powder. They also have formulas designed for food, oil and grease stains. Hallelujah!

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