Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The latest issue of Cookie (with Amanda Peet on the cover) has a very interesting article in it called 'Party Police.' I am guilty of at least one of the sins it describes, including often putting the tag line 'no gifts' at the bottom of an invitation I've sent out. Sally Schultheiss, the author, makes quite a strong argument against this practice, along with her two other pet-peeves...those who put 'no candy' and those who put 'no siblings' on the invitation. While I don't necessarily agree with her point of view, it will definitely give me pause for thought the next time I consider a 'no-gift' party! It's actually quite an entertaining read.There are also a couple of other good (non-party) articles in the mag, including one on Amanda Peet (who voices strong support of vaccinations), and an article profiling four different women who made different child bearing choices. 

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