Sunday, May 23, 2010

reader question of the week

"My son is turning three this summer. He is very into planning a party (I dont know where he gets it) and has finally decided on a theme. "GIANT". I asked him what that meant. Giant cake. Giant balloons. Giant plata (translation- pinata). There will be more adults than kids and it will be at our home.Any ideas? Thanks! -LB"


Jennifer said...

These "perfectly huge balloons" are awesome As for the cake, what about one made with the Wilton giant cupcake pan? It seems like there are few candies that are popping up in "giant" sizes, like pixie stix, or giant jawbreakers, that would be good for favors/candy table.

Missy said...

How about a David and Goliath theme? Since Goliath is a "giant" in the Bible?

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

what a creative little guy! I love the idea of giant balloons...and a giant cupcake/cake.

I also like the idea of getting mini things. Mini waters, mini snacks (like sliders, pizza bagel bites, mini hot dogs), mini ketchup/mustard bottles - like room service size. And other mini things like that...that way the kids feel like GIANTS when they are holding them :)

Jill said...

I have no good idea. but your kid is awesome.

Yolanda said...

First thing that came to mind is the Wilton Giant cupcake pan (

For food, you could serve giant pizzas, footlong hot dogs, or one of those 6 foot long party sub sandwiches. None of these are glamorous, but fit the giant theme. Serve drinks in beer mugs (these are huge to a 3-year-old hand).

Other ideas? Have kids wear their parent’s clothes. Or have a bin of large thrift store clothes for the kids to dress in, especially adult-sized shoes.

And if you really have money to burn, these would make awesome seating and decor:

carla felix said...

how fun!!! that's a great theme! definitely mini bunting flags! knottednest on etsy makes them. and mini tissue paper poms for decoration? this is if he wants to be the giant. if he wants everything supersized, then reverse it! good luck!