Thursday, April 29, 2010

rustic baby shower

I'm totally smitten with this 'rustic baby shower' from imprintables. It had me at the burlap tablecloths. Combined with the 'shinier' elements like glittered silver letters and coral-colored drinks, I find the whole set-up simply divine! More here.


infobaballa said...

Love it!!!

Grace Hester Designs said...

It's a little edgier than shabby-chic so maybe "rustic-chic"?

I tried using burlap to make some curtains at one point but I must not have purchased the right burlap because I could not get rid of the smell and the material was very thick and difficult to fold and sew in place. The burlap here looks alot thinner.

Another idea I have seen is where they stencil a motif in white paint onto the burlap. I can imagine a monogrammed logo on it for the birthday boy/girl!

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emily said...

gosh, this would be a dream baby shower!!!! thanks for the inspiration for the next one ill be throwing!!! =)

kayce hughes said...

love it.

amber {daisy chain} said...

love it all!! the safety pins on the sodas are a perfect little touch.

The Mother Huddle said...

What a fun blog! I just found your blog through the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. What a fun blog! I'm all about throwing a good party. I'm planning a Fancy Nancy party for my daughter in June, in there any posts that would give me ideas?


sanjeet said...

thanks for the inspiration
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katie said...

love the colors!

kristi dominguez said...

Adorable! So many precious details!